SDGs Card Game !! ~To understand SDGs and get your experience easily and playfully~

About a couple of weeks ago, I went to an event of a card game “SDGs 2030”.

What is Card Game “SDGs 2030”?

You may have a question “Card game “SDGs 2030″?” 
 Let me introduce it briefly.

“SDG” stands for Sustainable Development Goal.

And then, there are multiple goals, so, “SDGs”.United Nations list them as goals to achieve by 2030. (SO, the goals are global!!)

You should read follow Website than my article.
United Nations sustainable development agenda

SDGs List
SDGs List

In Japan, Pikotaro made the promotion video officially approved by Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan (MOFA)

The goals are quite huge, so, they make people unfamiliar.   To understand it and get the experience easily and playfully, the card game “SDGs 2030” is very helpful!!

Why Did I Go to the Event?

I introduced SDGs above, but the reason I went to the event was not a big deal. Followings are main reason.

  • My acquaintance was related with the program and it seems to be interesting.
  • My friend asked me to go.


See? Actually, now I am so shameful to have joined the event with these reasons.  At that time, I just thought achieving UN goals were very far away from meヽ(´o`;

How was it?

Simply it was fun!
However, I also faced my actions I can do and my tendency to take specific actions for the society through the game.
I recognized the actions I achieved affects entire society (Or entire play field in this game) even if it is small, and  individual’s thought and actions are very important to make society.

What is the rule?

If I explain the rule, it would cause confusion (Especially, I am writing in my secand language), so I avoid it. But I believe the game is a kind of a thing “custom makes all the things easy”.  You should play it if you wanna know well.

My Reflection

Gee, I was truly awful!
In this game, each team has each goal like collecting money cards, time cards, etc.Our team needed to collect money cards.
The mission is something like this ” Collect 12 money cards by the end of the game. And the society becomes plentiful at the end.”.

Then, we too much focused to collect money.  Finally, we gained more money than our goal but… What money grubbers!!  We should have used our extra money to something good for our society…

Besides, the goals we achieved luckily made the society good but we never pay attention to our loss and gain… We only focused on the things “We can achieve the goal for now. So let’s do it”.  It is very terrible. 

So, I seriously reflect my actions in the game orz

Anyway, it noticed me a lot of things (well, it might be the reason I thought UN goals are quite far things from myself). If you have interest, please see following links.

Further Information of Card Game “SDGs 2030”
Card Game “SDGs 2030” 
*The game was developed in Japan. So, it seems not to be popular in other countries yet. If you are interested in it, please contact to Imacocollabo Association.

Further Information of SDGs
Sustainable Development Goals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World