The Latest Touhou Game is Now Accepting for Reservation in Japan!!

New Touhou game will come soon!!

You can see a lot of fans’ derivative works of “Touhou Project (東方プロジェクト)” on niconico or Youtube.

The latest game is now accepting for reservation in Japan.

東方天空璋~Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

What is “Touhou (東方)”?

You can see just “Touhou” or “東方” on video sharing websites, but ”Touhou Project” is the proper name.  It is mainly composed of the shooter video games, books and CDs by Shanghai Alice Gengakudan. 

To be honest, I am the bandwagon fan, so, please refer the following link if you need more information.←Jump to wikipedia


I am sure I won’t clear the game. So, I have no motive to play. How coward I am!

Famous Derivative Works

Touhou has a lot of famous derivative works by the fans.

Bad Apple!!

Night of Nights (ナイト・オブ・ナイツ)

Final Savage Sister Flandre S. (最終鬼畜妹フランドール・S)

Apparently, there are not only musics but also the derivative comics too. 

The Original Songs ( The famous derivative works in parentheses)

Bad Apple!!(Bad Apple!!)

Flowering Night(Night of Nights)

U.N. Owen was Her?(Final Savage Sister Flandre.S)

Some people say “U.N Owen was Her?” is imitating John Stump’s “Death Waltz”. But it is not.

Following is the comparison video.



Whatever, Toho Project is very popular in Japanese subculture (Pop culture) market.

The latest game is now accepting the reservation in or Animate(They are Japanese Websites. Apparently, both American websites are not available for the latest Touhou game reservation for now)!! 
You might know it more than me (^^;; I am just one of the bandwagon fan.

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