Compare the Railways from Narita Airport ~Keisei Skyliner vs Narita Express~

Transportation from Narita Airport
~Keisei Skyliner and Narita Express~

You might be deciding Keisei Skyliner and Narita Express which are transportation from Narita Airport to the city of Tokyo. 
Both of them are trains and have limited stop station.
But what the difference?

As of Aug 6th, 2017, each feature of them is following.

Name of limited express Keisei Skyliner Narita Express
Operating Company Keisei Electric Railway East Japan Railway
Main Stop Station Keisei Ueno,
Nippori, etc.
Chiba, Tokyo, Shinagawa,Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Omiya, Yokohama, etc.(*1)
Time 36 min or more to Nippori Station(*2) Approx. 59 min to Tokyo station(*3)

Nippori station or Keisei Ueno Station
¥2470, IC ¥2465

To Tokyo Station
Green Cars (First Class) ¥4560
Discount Ticket

Skyliner Discount Ticket,
Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket,
Hands-free Travel with Skyliner,
Shitamati Biyori Pass,
Narita-Kaiun Pass

N’EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket
Japan Rail Pass N/A Available (*5)

*1 The stop stations depend on the train.
*2 Some trains take 36 min or more.
*3 The time is only for direct access. If the train stops other station before arriving Tokyo, the time gets longer.
*4 Reserved seat ticket prices are different between the off-season and the busy season.
*5 To ride a green car, purchasing the pass for a green car.

Each Features (Roughly) 

I suppose followings are their main features.

Keisei Skyliner

Its stop stations are limited.
Many discount tickets.
The time to arrive to the city of Tokyo is shorter than Narita Express.

Narita Express

It stops at main terminal stations in the city of Tokyo. So, some of them take you to your destination without transferring train.
Japan Rail Pass is available.

So, which is better??

Conclusion: It depends where you go.

According to the above comparison,  the conclusion becomes ” It depends where you go” lol.

For example, if you are going to go to Asakusa or  Oshiage (Skytree) area, Keisei Skyliner must be helpful. Keisei Electric Railway offers the discount ticket too.

If you are going to go to Haneda Airport,,,
Go to Shinagawa Station by Narita Express and take Keikyu line.
FYI: I have gone to Haneda Airport from Narita Airport by local trains.
      It took much long time… So, I don’t recommend the way.
Reference: Went to Haneda Airport from Narita Airport by local trains

But foreigners can use Japan Rail Pass, so, Narita Express might be better, especially at the fare.


I am happy if my writing helps you☆