A Participative Show “Ouen Joei(応援上映)  ~Gintama Live Action Movie~

Today’s topic is also Gintama live action movie!

Gintama "Ouen Joei" Digital Signage
Gintama “Ouen Joei” Digital Signage

Yesterday, I wrote an article “Gintama live action movie is fun!”. I was so fun as going to see a special screen called “Ouen Joei (応援上映)”.  

What is “Ouen Joei”?

The literal mean is “Cheered Screening”.  I haven’t had no idea what it is.  “Ouen Joei” is one of participative shows.  The audience can shout, yell and cheer for the film. They can bring light sticks too (Is this someone’s live concert?).

Anyway, I join it.

So, how was it?

I thought taking a photo in a theater is not good, so, I didn’t take a lot. Sorry… (In Japan, taking a photo or a video for most of entertainment show such as movies, live concerts is prohibited) But it was very energetic!!

  1. The theater was full.
    I’ve heard many people have been leaving from movie theaters. Some people around me say ” I don’t need to see a movie at a movie theater, because it is expensive. Someday, I can see it on TV”(Actually, it makes me sad).  However, the theater used for “Ouen Koen” was full!! Wow!! So many people were there!! 

  2. Somehow, the audience were mostly women.
    I don’t know the reason why.  Anyway, the most of audiences of Gintama “Ouen Koen” are women!!!  More than 90 % were women.( Actually, I have never seen a guy… So, all of them were women?)  
    Why so many women like “Gintama”?  Because of the handsome casts? Or Gintama is not popular for guys?

  3. Is here a girls’ school?
    It might be related with the above thing.  Somehow, the theater’s mood was girls’ school.
    For example, some women say “Whooo!!” when handsome actors appear on advertisements before the film (Hey, the film doesn’t start yet).
    Gintama distributing agency is Warner Bros.  “Thank you Warner Bros!!” when the logo was appeared. etc.
    The girl sitting on two seats away from me shouted the lines loudly with the actors. How many times did she see the movie???

  4. Broad Range of Ages
    As I mentioned, the theater mood was so exciting and energetic.  So, I thought the audience is mainly teenagers or early 20s. However, a woman sitting next me was older. (Maybe almost same age as my mother?)  Does she love Gintama, or the handsome casts??? I remember the author Mr. Sorachi said “Somehow, I receive letters from older ladies. Is Gintama sold in delis?” (I forgot which volume he said in). Gintama is popular for older ladies?

  5. There were some cosplayers!!
    Yes, they were there.  But I didn’t take their photos because it is troublesome embarrassing.

    Who can enjoy “Ouen Joei”?

So, “Ouen Joei” is very different from a regular Japanese screen.

A brochure written back ground music "Passion" lyrics
A brochure written a back ground music “Passion” lyrics

Test you enjoy or dislike”Open Joei”!

1. I wanna get excited with your friends or others even in a movie theater.
2. I wanna enjoy cosplay
3. I hate the silence of theater
4. I wanna enjoy movie calmly.
5. I wanna see a movie with some space.
6. I wanna see a movie while concentrating.

If you match to 1,2 and 3, you would enjoy “Ouen Joei”. 
If you match to 4,5 and 6, you might dislike Ouen Joei”.

It is fun if you get used to!

I was surprised “Ouen Joei” at first as I usually concentrate to see a movie.  But it was fun when I got used to.

If your favorite movie are screened as “Ouen Joei”, you might found the new attractiveness !!