Gintama Live Action Movie Review

Gintama Live Action Movie Digital Signage
Gintama Live Action Movie Digital Signage
Gintama Live Action Movie Digital Signage

In this summer, one of famous Jump comics “Gintama(銀魂 ぎんたま)” became a live action movie. So, I went to see it!!
Gintama is popular even for overseas? Its gags and parodies are understandable for other countries? Ordinarily, it may not release in other country?,etc.  I have so many questions to write this article, namely, I don’t know there is demand or not.  But anyway, I keep going.

What is Gintama?

Gintama is one of Japanese manga published from Shaken Shonen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ by Shuei Sha(集英社).

The story is based on a parallel world that aliens were coming instead of Perry who was a US navy commodore in Bakumatsu (the end of Edo period).

Gintama Volume 1
Gintama Volume 1

My Review

The movie was nicer than my thought!
To be honest, I don’t like live action movies so much especially from anime or manga. But I went to see it with some thought “Gintama is OK even if the movie is failed. It would overcome the fails and use them as self-deprecating humour!!”  In other words,  if the movie is fun, it is perfect. But if it is boring, it is OK because of it is Gintama.

Three Good Points in Gintama Live Action Movie 

Probably, these three?

  1. Popular Japanese Actors’ Serious Plays
  2. The Director and The Actors Look Fun in The Movie
  3. Respect and Love for The Original Comics and The Anime

I will mention each theme.

1.Popular Japanese Actors’ Serious Plays

You can see actors’ passion for this movie.  
The casts are all stars. Shun Oguri, Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto, etc. All casts are handsome, beautiful or pretty.  In spite of them, they play some actions like picking a nose, vomiting and more as spoiling their nice images.  The other Japanese movies let them play such things? No they haven’t (I think).  
I convinced that is why they are stars.

2.The Director and The Actors Look Fun in The Movie

You could feel their joy from the movie.  Of course, they are serious in the screen.  But also, you could find they enjoy playing. Why? Actually, I am not sure (Sorry!). But I felt it. The reasons are the fighting scenes and making funny faces (I say again, they are handsome, beautiful or pretty)???  I guess they could not do them without any joys and seriousness.

3.Respect and Love for The Original Comics and The Anime

It is awesome.  

Recently, many movies from comics often ignore the original story and the characters and adopt the movie original ones. I believe it make the original comics fans dissapointed (Why many productions keep using the way? I don’t understand).

But Gintama is NOT.
Certainly, there are a few different points. It may cause your discomfort if you are a Gintama fan.
But the story and the characters are almost follow the original comic and anime. And they add a little the original humor acceptable in Gintama world. I think it is great. If the director doesn’t respect the comic and its fans, they couldn’t make this movie.

 Following video is quite interesting.
(Japanese sound. No subtitle)

This video is a talk at a movie theater by Director Fukuda and Masaki Suda and a voice actor Daisuke Sakaguchi who plays one of Gintama character Shinpachi. Daisuke Sakaguchi was a secret guest, so, Director Fukuda and Masaki Suda were so surprised. Can you see how they are excited from this video?

In this video, Director Fukuda said ” To be honest, we love Gintama very much.” (Translated by Nao. In Japanese “我々はぶっちゃけ大ファンなんですよ”). You can also understand how he loves Gintama from his action taking private photos (Twice!!) in the official place.


I wrote long sentences, however, I still don’t know it’s gonna release in the other countries!!! But I think it is a nice movie. If you are interested, let’s see it!!

Gintama Movie Pamphlet
Gintama Movie Pamphlet