Transportation from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport ~Taxi/Car Rental~


Taxi brings to your destination directly! Besides, it carries your large baggages too.

The problem is the cost is expensive.

Some taxi companies adopt fixed charge for driving to Tokyo 23 special wards but it is still expensive.  So, sharing the cost with plural passengers might be good!

Note: Fixed charge might require the reservation and be more expensive than regular charge. So please make sure before booking or using a taxi.

Taxi Companies which have fixed charge service (All following pages are written in English)


KM Taxi

Tokyo MK

and more.

Car Rental

If you are planning to drive in the city of Tokyo by yourself, I don’t strongly recommend car rental service. The reason is because the drive must be tough if you are not used to drive in Tokyo.

Some places near from where I am standing require a detour due to one way streets, 
one of two lanes gets parked, so, available lane is actually one,
finding a parking is so hard, etc. 
I am not still used to drive in Tokyo. The reason might be because I haven’t driven a car so much.
Besides,Metropolitan Express (Shuto-kousoku-douro which is commonly known as Shuto-kou) requires expensive fee… 

However, car rental must be helpful in suburb area where public transportation is fewer than city of Tokyo.

You can compare the renting car price from following sites:

Tabirai Car Rental


FYI: Uber

I have heard Uber is popular in US, China and other countries.

However, it is NOT popular in Japan!!

How much unpopular?
It is unpopular as almost all people would say “ Uber? What is it ?Is the taste good?” if you ask about Uber.

Uber services seem to exist in Japan. However, the quantity is a few and the charge is almost same as Taxi.

So, I suppose a taxi is better than Uber.