Do You Know The Famous Anime and Manga Quotes in Japanese?

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In Japan, manga and anime quotes are generally used in daily conversation. If you can use the quotes, you might spread the possibility to talk with Japanese people nicely.  Now, let’s take a look famous quotes in Japanese!!

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*NOTE: I don’t introduce DVD or Blue-ray of the Anime because it couldn’t work on your DVD or Blue-ray player due to the difference of the local regulations.)

In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!! (Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon)

月に代わってお仕置きよ! (tsukini kawatte oshioki yo!)

The first quote is from Japanese famous Shojo Manga. I guess almost all 40’s ages or less know it!!

  … I’ve just hit on an idea “Isn’t it useful for daily conversation?”

Okay, next. Never mind.

Make a contract with me, and become a magical girl.
(Kyubei : Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

僕と契約して魔法少女になってよ!(bokuto keiyaku shite  mahou shojo ni natteyo)


The quote is from a SOB  cute character.  You can use “僕と契約して〜になってよ(してよ)” as a quote to request something to your friend (Please note. the quote is inappropriate for a formal situation). I wrote SOB  because “僕 (boku)” is basically used for the first person for male.  If a girl uses “僕”, she is categorized and called “僕っ子 (bokukko)” in Japanese.

Needless to say, girls shouldn’t use “僕” in formal situations. Sometimes, even boys shouldn’t use it in formal situations like business scenes, either. In the case, “私 (watashi)” is appropriate. 

BTW, the BGM “Sis Puella Magica!”,Kyubei asks making a contact for girls, is sometimes called “営業のテーマ”(eigyo no teema : lit. Salesman’s theme) as well . 

It is a nice song, though…

There is always only one truth!
(Conan Edogawa: Case Closed)

真実はいつも一つ!(Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!)

“Case Closed” is a very popular mystery anime in Japan. It is called “名探偵コナン( Meitantei Conan, lit. Detective Conan) ” in Japan,  and running more than 20 years. It can be said a national animation, I guess…

“This mystery is solved! In the name of my grandfather, Kosuke Kindaichi ” (Hajime Kindaichi :The Kindaichi Case Files)

謎は全て解けた。じっちゃんの名にかけて!(nazo wa subete toketa. Jitchan no nani kakete!)

It is also from a popular mystery manga.  じっちゃん means a casual saying of “grandfather” in Japanese.  So, you shouldn’t use it for a formal scene. In the case “祖父(sofu)” is appropriate.

I’ll kill them all! (Eren Yeager: Attack on titan)

 駆逐してやる!(kuchiku shite yaru!)

Needless to say, it shouldn’t be used for formal scenes lol.

I searched “駆逐” in English-Japanese dictionary, but it says “expulsion”.   The translator uses straight saying “kill”, and expresses Eren’s hatred very well. 

I mustn’t run away, I mustn’t run away, I mustn’t run away…
(Shinji Ikari: Neon Genesis Evangelion)

逃げちゃダメだ、逃げちゃダメだ、逃げちゃダメだ・・・(nigecha dameda, nigecha dameda, nigecha dameda…)

It is used for the scene that Shinji rides into Evangelion Unit 01 for the first time.  You can use it for inspiring your friend or yourself. 

I’m very sorry I don’t know what I should do or feel at a time like this. (Rei Ayanami; Neon Genesis Evangelion )

(gomen nasai  kouiu toki don na kao wo sureba iika wakaranai no)

It is useful when your friend requests you a difficult thing lol

Then, Shinji’s answer for this  “Why don’t you just try smiling?” is  “笑えばいいと思うよ (waraeba ii to omouyo)”. (But he doesn’t say it in the Manga edition)

And, I’ll become the god of this new world! (Light Yagami :Death Note)

そして僕は新世界の神となる。(soshite bokuwa shinsekai no kami ni naru)

A charismatic serial killer’s raving  saying. I wanna be into a capable situation of saying it one day.  There are more famous quotes in Death Note, but I chose this. There is  no reason.  I am going to write the article gathering Death Note’s quotes.

I’ll catch them all!! (Ash: Pokemon) 

ポケモン、ゲットだぜ !!

This is Op song of Pokemon in Japanese.

Somehow, we Japanese use “get” for this… So, don’t get confused if your friend or colleague says “ゲットだぜ!” even if it is not correct using in English…  Furthermore, “Ash” is “Satoshi”  and the movie title “I choose you!” is ”キミにきめた!”in Japanese.

I am getting excited!( Goku: Dragonball)


To be honest, I got disappointed when I knew the English Quote because Goku’s personality is disappeared from the English quote… I knew it is tough to express in English, but I couldn’t help expecting…


When Japanese hears ”おら” as the first person and ”すっぞ” omitting”る” from  “するぞ”, we imagine the person must be from a country side. It is a very short quote but expresses Goku’s personality very well.

I’ll become the Pirate King! (Monkey D. Luffy :One Piece) 

海賊王に俺はなる!(kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru)

… It is very normal than my expectation…


Something like that!! How was it?

I was planning to search the quotes in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure,but it contains too many famous quotes!! So, I will write them for a feature article someday! 

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