Transportation from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport ~Bus~

I’ve written that the transportation from/to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport is Trains and Cars, etc.  I would like to add another transportation.  The transportation is “Bus”. Certainly, it depends on where you go but it is also useful transportation too.

Bus is Useful in These Cases

1. Transferring between Narita Airport and Haneda Airport

I wrote an article that I got very tired when I used local trains from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport (I spent around  three hours for it). A limousine bus brings you to Haneda Airport from Narita Airport in two hours or less.  The time depends on the traffic though.  

Detailed Information
Haneda Airport Route

In addition, it takes one and a half hours to bring you to Narita Airport from Narita Airport.

Detailed Information
Narita Airport Route

2.Transfer between Narita Airport and Tokyo Railway Station

It brings you about one hour from Tokyo Railway Station to Narita Airport. The fare is 900 JPY or more.(*1) You can save money than using trains.
* Booking is required for the discounted fare 900 JPY.

Detailed Information
Expressway Bus Tokyo Sta.

3.Transfer between Narita Airport and Osaki Railway Station

Recently, the route of a expressway bus between Osaki Railway Station and Narita Airport started. The time is about one and a half to go to Narita Airport.The fare is 1000 JPY  or more. (*1)
*Booking is required for the discounted fare 1000 JPY.

Detailed Information
Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal

4.When You Have A Lot of Belongings

Too many belongings interrupt your moving.  You would get annoy it, especially, using trains.  On the other hand, you can go to your destination with you only sitting on a seat when you use a bus. 

5.When You Can Go to Your Destination Directly

Some buses can bring you to sightseeing spots, a hotel you booked, main railway stations, directly. In the case, it is very convenient.

* The stop spots are limited.


Disadvantage of Using Bus

Delay by Traffic Jam

It is unpredictable. So, there is a huge possibility of delay.

* The fare and time is incapable of comparing because it depends on situations.

If You Are Deciding Using A Bus or Trains

If you are deciding a bus or trains, use a route finder in each airport.  It would help you.

Narita Airport

Narita Airport Access Navigation

Haneda Airport

Route Master (Domestic Terminal)

Access Wayfinding (International Terminal)


Keisei Bus

Airport Limousine Bus

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