A souvenir of Asakusa! Usukawa Imokin from Asakusa Mangando!

Today’s topic is also a souvenir of Asakusa!

The souvenir is following.

Usukawa Imokin from Asakusa Mangando

Usukawa Imokin from Asakusa Mangando
Usukawa Imokin from Asakusa Mangando (浅草満願堂の薄皮芋きん)

Imokin from Mangando☆

Imokin is a Japanese sweet made of sweet potatoes. I think it baked sweet potatoes’ paste. (I am not sure how to cook it well. Sorry).

I introduce Usukawa Imokin which is Imokin with thin skins.

Regular Imokin expires in 24 hours but Uskawa Imokin has longer expiration date.

There is packed 6 pieces of Imokin in the box.  

Packed Usukawa Imokin
Packed Usukawa Imokin


The bottom of the box says “How to eat Usukawa Imokin much better”. 

The bottom of Imokin Box
The bottom of Imokin Box

Hmm, baked Imokin is also nice?

So, I baked it.

Baked Usukawa Imokin
Baked Usukawa Imokin


Unbaked Imokin is also good. But baked one is certanily better!! The skin gets crispier. 

I don’t have a good English example to express it, but anyway, it is great.

Unbaked and baked one, both of them are nice. But I like the baked one.


Asakusa Mangando Main Shop
Asakusa Mangando Main Shop

The main shop is on Orange street where a little far from Sensoji temple.  I guess it is located at a place closed to Asakusa Public Hall.  The shop also sells Imokin flavor soft-serve ice cream.  I went there to buy it, however, they had no ice cream since the time I visited was too late. Sigh.  
I will visit again. Then, I will buy the ice cream and regular Imokin.

Asakusa Mangando shops are mainly located in Asakusa. But they also located in Haneda Airport and Tokyo Daimaru which is a department store connecting to Tokyo Station.

Shop locator (Japanese Only)

Let’s eat Imokin in Asakusa!!!


Asakusa Mangando Website 浅草満願堂ホームページ (All written in Japanese)


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