Tips to Make a Trip Nice from a Travel Lover!


You might think that the posts in this blog are written randamly, but actually in fact, I roughly decide that the target readers are “Those who are interested in Japan (all over the world)”.  So, I have written posts along the theme through by trial and error  though this blog looks miscellaneous.

Anyway, I’ve tried to deliver information which seems to be useful for them. Then,  I suddenly came out that they also might be ” people who want to come to Japan as sightseeing”, in other words, “People who want to go to a trip”, so I am gonna write the tips to make a good trip.  I am very pleased if my post is helpful.

What is a “Nice Trip”?

First of all, what is a “Nice Trip”?

I guess it makes feel good after coming back to home.  It is kind a tragedy if you think “I shouldn’t have” though you spent much money, time and energy .

So, how can you make a nice trip?

Clarify Your Trip Goal

It is very important that clarify the goal why you want to go to the trip to make a nice trip.  

You might want to enjoy Onsen. 
You might want to eat a lot of delicious foods.
You might want to take beautiful pictures.
You might want to visit a various places.
You might want to spend time with you friends.

Each person has each reason. Whatever, you need to make sure why you want to go for a trip.

 Consider budget and date later.  If you make a plan except the goal, you feel something wrong while making.   The worst case is you feel it during the trip.  In the case, you cannot enjoy it, perfectly.

So,  I recommend that a companion should have a similar objective when you travel with someone. Otherwise, satisfuction gaps occur between you and him/her, then, your trip would be get awkward (I had such a experience). 

To Make a Nice Trip, Use Group Tour and Private Trip Properly,

I think “Trip” can be devided two types. Private Trip and Group Tour.

Private trip is very flexible. You can go anywhere and anytime you want.

Group tour is very easy. A travel agency make a plan of your trip, instead of you.

Each of them has advantage and disadvantage.  The proper use makes your trip more enjoyable.

Each Advantage and Disadvantage of Private Trip/Group Tour

Advantage of Private Trip

High Flexibility

The remarkable point of Private Trip is the high flexibility.
You can go anywhere you can. You can stay anytime there. 
So, it offers you to enjoy the atmosphere or mood as much as you can.

Amazing Impression

Your intension must be in a private trip whether it is much or not.  So, the impression is unparalleled to a group tour. The more passionate you have for your trip, the more impressive it is.


Disadvantage of Private trip

Arrangement is annoying

The flexibility is certainly attractive. However, arranging all of things such as how to visit, where you go, etc. is a little bit annoying.  Actually,  it is a very fun work, while you need to consider a lot of thing with you paying attention to time, budget, place, etc. Then, no ticket, no time, airfare raising, etc. sometimes occur. (Well, it is not a big deal if you can decide them smoothly).

NO Research Makes Your Trip Boring, Sometimes.

Especially, when you go to a trip for sightseeing, you might not enjoy it without researching because you have no information what the point is.  I had such experiences that I didn’t know what it is though I dared to visit the place.


There are many disadvantages than I thought, though  I am basically on the side of private trips…

Next is advantage/disadvantage of Group Tour.

Advantage of Group Tour

Easy Arrangement

It contains all such as transportation, accomodation and distination.  Things you need to is only making a time, applying the tour and going to the meeting place. Pretty easy.

Effective Visit of Sightseeing Spot

You can visit many places, effectively, even if you don’t make any plan.

Affordable Price Than a Private Trip

Most of cases, group tours offer a budget price when you visit same place, privately.  If you find a group tour which fulfill your objective, it is very economical!

Disadvantage of Group Tour

Too Busy

Most of group tours specified time for staying.  Usually, it is shorter than you want to stay.  So, it is very hard to feel and enjoy the atmosphere of place.

Risk of Cancellation due to Number of People

Most of them have minimum number of people. The tour is cancelled when the number is less than minimum.

Limited Date

The tour might not be provided when a date you want.


And, there is a hybrid type that you arrange an accomdation and transportation and join a local tour, etc. 

It is just my perspective.  Especially, I usually apply a group tour which has pretty tight schedule, so, it might be different from a tour taking enough time. 


My Using Travel Website

As a reference.

Check Reviews, Present Prices or Situation of Hotel, Flight, etc

I frequently use them since it offers to compare prices and reviews. 





Sometimes, each airline offers affordable price for a ticket and accommodations.


Sky Mark ,etc.

Tour Company offering for Foreigners 

The followings are just examples because I don’t use them. I usually apply Japanese company =3

Hankyu Travel International CO., LTD


I believe almost all package tours can save the price than individually applying but sometimes use following Website when I just need to book an accomodation.

Something like that.

I am pleased if this post helps you.

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