A Famous Temple as Autumn Leaves and a Famous Japanese Drawing ~Kosanji Temple~

I visited Kosanji Temple at last trip for Kyoto.

Gate of Kosanji Temple Sekisui In
Gate of Kosanji Temple Sekisui In

Rough Outline of Kosanji

In Japan, Kosanji is wellknown as a famous drawing “Cho Jyu Giga (鳥獣戯画). It was a favorite place of Yasunari Kawabata, a Japanese Nobel laureate. 

The originator was Myoe.  It is said that he was the most renowned monk in early 13 century in Japan.

In general, Japanese Buddhism is separated in some denomination like Tendai Buddhism, Jodo Budhism, Hokke Budhism, etc. However,  Myoe disagreed to separate Buddhism, so, Kozanji Temple doesn’t belong to any denomination. According to the priesthood, ” I dare to say Kosanji belongs to “Shaka Buddhism (Gautama Buddhism)*” .

*There is no such a buddhism. 
“Shaka” is written in “釈迦” in Japanese. It means “Gautama Buddha”. 

A Famous Drawing “Choju Jinbutsu Giga” 鳥獣人物戯画

A Famous Drawing Chuju Jinbutsu Giga
A Famous Drawing Chuju Jinbutsu Giga (Replica)

Choju Jinbutsu Giga is known as “Choju Giga” in general.

Personified rabbits and frogs are drawn.  It is said it was drawn in 12 century to 13 century.  The drawer is unknown.

Japanese manga’s origin or not??

Anyway, the drawing is so cute.

There is the replica in Kosanji Temple.  The real one is in Tokyo Natinal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.

The temple also sells the goods related to Choju Giga.

Well known as Autumn Leaves

Kozanji Temple is famous as autumn leaves (I went there in the end of September, so, I didn’t see it).  According to the priesthood, the visitor is over 5000 people in a day in the season, so, he cannot guide them.

His recommended season is early summer.  The number of vistors is around 50 people in a day. And the green is pretty amazing. 

A View from Sekisui In
A View from Sekisui In

There is the first tea yard in Japan

Kozanji has the first tea yard in Japan.

Rinzai Budhism originator, Eisai brought tea back from Song (China)  and he gave the tea seed to Myoe.

Stone Monument "The First Japanese Tea Yard"
Stone Monument “The First Japanese Tea Yard”
A Tea Yard
A Tea Yard

My Impression

I am a beginner of Kyoto (In Japan, there are many Kyoto lovers and they visit Kyoto again and again).  So, I applied a tour and it brought me here as the first place. Kosanji Temple was quite nice place. 

I think the impressive points are following three.

  1. The garden and plantd trees are wonderful (I think it must be beautiful in autumn).
  2. As a Japanese tea lover,  the tea yard was very impressive.
  3. A famous drawing Choju Giga is amazing.


I wanted to take a time and see much more… I will visit again in early summer which the priesthood recommended♪  I wanna see the autumn leaves too,,, but someday!!(^^;;

Also the wooden puppy was also cute☆

Wooden Puppy
Wooden Puppy

He is a replica, but you can see the real one in Unkei special exhibition in Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo!!

I wanna go for it too!


Kosanji Temple Official Homepage (in Japanese)

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