Enjoy Fusion Sweets of Japanese Tradition and Western Culture at Funawa Cafe!!

Last time, I wrote an article to say that a Japanese sweet Imo Yokan in Asakusa is famous and delicious.

The post:A Famous Sweet in Asakusa! Imo Yokan from Funawa

Funawa is also running a coffee shop too. 

The shop name is Funawa Cafe (ふなわかふぇ).

Exterior of Funawa Cafe
Exterior of Funawa Cafe
Funawa Cafe
Funawa Cafe

It is located very closed to A4 exit of Toei Asakusa Line. It is truly closed.

I haven’t visited Asakusa for a while, so, I was surprised when I found such a nice building.  

Furthermore, recent Asakusa was quite different from my memories.  It has a lot of fashionable buildings and shops than its past. Wow. Time has been changing… 

Anyway, I visited Funawa Cafe!!

They offer unique sweets using Imo Yokan.

I ordered a parfait using Imo Yokan (Japanese Name: Imo Yokan Sofuto Pafe(芋ようかんソフトパフェ).

A parfait and coffee
A parfait and coffee

It contains fresh cream blended with Imo Yokan paste.  Tastes good!!  

The drink is American coffee.  I was wavering the coffee or their original drink named Oimo Latte (lit: Potato Latte), but I chose the coffee as the latte must be sweet(Imo Yokan is a sweet. So, I guessed the latte should be blended some milk and Imo Yokan paste. I don’t like to eat a sweet with sweet drink). 

The showcase
The showcase

They also sell a Japanese traditional sweet, Anmitsu which usually has jelly, sweet beans and more with syrup.   Of course, you can eat Imo Yokan at this place.

You can also enjoy Matcha!! That sounds great!!( ´∀`) 

You can check the menu from following link!!

Funawa Cafe ふなわかふぇ浅草店(All written in Japanese)

The chane shops are located in Jiyugaoka and Takandano baba too.

I will order Oimo Latte nest time!!

Interior of Funawa Cafe
Interior of Funawa Cafe


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