The Sweets in Convenience Stores in Japan are Incredible! ~Chocolat Tarte and Gateau Chocolat from Lawson ~

A Japanese Convenience Store Company collaborates with Godiva

As a recent trend, convenience stores in Japan such as Seven eleven, Lawson, Family mart, etc. sell their original sweets targeting mainly 20’s and 30’s young women.

The sweets are very popular since the taste is good as sweets sold in cake shops, and the price is not expensive. The accessibility would be also one of the reason too.

Anyway, sweets in convenience stores in Japan is very popular nowadays.  

On Sep 5th, two sweets were released from Lawson.  

Lawson,the second largest convenience store in Japan, developed n

ew sweets with Godiva, Belgium famous chocolate company.  Chocolate Tart and Gateau Chocolat.

Wow. Sounds great!! So, I ate both of them. I write about those sweets in this article.

Chocolat Tarte

I ate Chocolat Tarte at first.

Packed Chocolat Tarte
Packed Chocolat Tarte

The surface is shiny. Do Not think “Hey, isn’t it small?”. Because (I believe) the taste is better than regular chocolate tart.

Chocolate Tarte
Chocolate Tarte
The section of Chocolat Taste
The section of Chocolat Taste

There are layers.

According to Lawson website, the upper is chocolate coating, the middle is ganache cream and the bottom is Gianduja.


Gianduja  wikipedia

…Whatever, it must be something made of chocolate !!

The cream is incredibly rich!! No one believe it is sold in a convinience store!! Wow. The taste is rich and the cacao aroma is also rich.  The crispiness of the tart is fantastic. Coffee or tea would make the taste much better.

Gateau Chocolat

Packed Gateau Chocolat
Packed Gateau Chocolat

Next is Gateau Chocola. Maybe, it is more famous than the tarte.

Gateau Chocolat
Gateau Chocolat

It looks like a gorgeous éclair( Actually, the one of the key points of this cake is easily eating by hand, according to the website). 

There are also layeres.  They are chocloate coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate chips and chocolate sponge cake from the top.

The section
The section of Gateau Chocolate

It also has a rich chocolate taste. The taste is lighter than the chocolate tarte due to the sponge cake (Certainly, it is lighter than the tarte but still rich).

Which is better?

Both of them are stunning beyond my expectation.  I ate them at usual teatimes but should I have eaten them on anniversaries? But Lawson says they sell only limited number of them…So, they are gonna get gone if I don’t buy immediately…

If I have to choose one of them, I will choose the tarte.  I like it. 

Like this, convenience stores in Japan provide such wonderful sweets lately. Will you try them when you come to Japan?


Uchi Café SWEETS×GODIVA 第3弾!ショコラタルトとガトーショコラが新発売(Lawson Website  All written in Japanese)

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