Join a Unique Japanese Event: Pikachu Outbreak! (Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu) in 2017 ~Lots of Pikachu take over Minato Mirai~

I went an event “Pikachu Outbreak!” which has been getting popular as an anual event!!!

Soooooooo, cute❤️

They offer the following song too.

Over 1500 pikachus come into Minato Mirai this year!!(*≧∀≦*)

They outbreak everywhere in Minato Mirai Area

Firstly, Sakuragicho station where the JR nearest station from Minatomirai Area shows a lot of pikachu. 

The inside of the ticket gates 1
The inside of the ticket gate 2
The inside of the ticket gates 2
Small Pikachu Dolls
Small Pikachu Dolls
A Big Pikachu Doll
A Big Pikachu Doll
Sakuragicho Station
Sakuragicho Station
A Pikachu on Nippon Maru
A Pikachu on Nippon Maru
Posters "Pikachu Outbreak!"
Posters “Pikachu Outbreak!”on a building

People walking on the streets are mainly families, teenagers and some nerds like me,etc.

Oh well, I cannot stop thinking Pokemon has accepted for many people.  
When I was a teenager, a person who went to such Pokemon event was kind an insane nerd.
But nowadays,Pokemon is ” Things to enjoy with a family” “Acceptable things because it is familiar”. It is a great change.  

Besides, Pokemon vending machine introduced in the following video is apprently in Cosmo World, but I couldn’t find it… It is a pity(´;ω;`)

I found different one though…

Pokemon Vending Machine
Pokemon Vending Machine

The economic effects must be huge since the event is held every year.

To be continued to the Next Article!

I was planning to write all of things including the event and my impressions, however, it seems to be very long… 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。
It makes read hard, so, let me continue this article to the next.


Pikachu Outbreak! is gonna be held until Aug 15th!!

Namely, it is until tomorrow(^◇^;)
So, please join the event if you have a chance.


Pikachu Outbreak! information is here
Pikachu Outbreak! (English)

You can buy Pokemon official goods after Pikachu Outbreak!(*)
Pokemon Center Yokohama (Japanese Only)
The access map (English)
* I guess the shop is very clouded, especially during the event. If you can easily visit here, I recommend to go in no event season.

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