What is the famous excercize in Japan?

If you are interested in Japan, you may have seen people doing calisthenics on the morning in a park or a company.

It is a kind of daily scenes in Japan.

This one ↓↓

This exercise is “Rajio Taiso (ラジオ体操 lit. Radio calisthenics) broadcasted from NHK.

This exercise is almost all common sense in Japan. I can say it is well-known for all people in Japan. 

Why “Rajio Taiso” is so famous in Japan?

I think there are two reasons.

1.  It started long time ago.

“Rajio Taiso” started in 1951.  What a long run program lol

So, many people’ve had a chance to see it.  

2.  Somehow, kids have to join “Rajio Taiso” during a summer vacation (almost forcibly) 

I don’t know why, but when a summer vacation starts, kids (especially, elementary school students) have to join the calisthenics…

There is no obligation but almost forcible…(at least, it was at my home).

The reason is for kids’ health???

The term which kids join in summer depends on a local group where they belong (some groups offer until the end of July, or the other groups offer until the end of August,etc.), and the kids get a stamp as a proof that they joined from their parents or guardians  who also belong in the same group. 

Then, if they join all of the days of the term, they could get a reward (or not).

At least, a group I belonged offered the calisthenic until the end of July, and kids could receive a reward when they join it all of the term. In addition, the group offered treasure hunting game the day before the last. 

Well, this is my experience.  So, it would be different from a person in a different place.

But I think it is common that kids join “Rajio Taiso” in a summer vacation in Japan.

Why so many people are doing the exercise in Japan?

… To be honest, I don’t know why.

But I can guess some reasons.

1. For their health*

Needless to say, exercise is good for people’s health. Over.
In addition, “Rajio Taiso”  doesn’t require a long time, many spaces and going outside (if you can listen to the radio). I think the easiness would be the reason many people are doing it.

2. For developing team spirit*

Is it true? Maybe or maybe not.
I don’t remember the source but human seems to accept others easily when their breath are matching.  So, matching breath seems to be effective for developing team performance… So some Japanese companies adopt the exercise. Of course, it is good for their health too!

*They are all my guesses. Their is no proof of the effectiveness…

Let’s start “Rajio Taiso”!!

You can check when the program starts (Written in Japanese)

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