Pokemon The Movie “I Choose You!” Review (with Some Spoilers)

Pokemon The Movie "I Choose You!" in Japanese
Pokemon The Movie “I Choose You!” in Japanese

Pokemon The Movie is released every summer in Japan. 

The movie finally  reaches to 20th work this year!!

I haven’t seen the recent movies, but this movie is kind of an anniversary work and is based on very first Pokemon anime story. So I went to a movie theater to see it!!

The Audience

When I was a teenager and see Pokemon movie as an annual event,  the audiences were mostly families or nerds (including me).  However, the audience for this movie was mostly teenagers and 20’s.  So, Pokemon is no longer only for nerds and families (The place of movie theater might affect the age of audience, though :p ).

All audience can receive Marshadow if they play Pokemon Sun or Moon.

I couldn’t receive it because I don’t have Sun/Moon, even 3DS or 2DS…Furthermore, Nintendo Switch was released while I was wavering to buy 3DS or 2DS… But I received Ash’s Pikachu wearing a cap. So, I intend to buy Nintendo Switch and play the latest Pokemon released on Nov 17th.  By the way, do movie theaters  screening Pokemon Movie in other countries  distribute the data too? I am curios.

Japanese Brochure "How to Get Marshadow"
Japanese Brochure “How to Get Marshadow”
Ash's Pikachu (Visitors Limited)
Ash’s Pikachu (Visitors Limited)

Needless to say, I cried.

The common scene with the anime that Pikachu confronts Spearows made me cried.  But it happened only 10min after the movie starts 😛
Of course, I cried again at the climax.

The story is same as the first anime story?(Spoilers)

No, it’s not.
The protagonists are Ash and Pikachu but the story is different from anime. 

These are difference.

  • Many main characters are missing.
  • Did Ash  battle properly with Erika in anime???
  • Dark side Ash
  • Pikachu….No. Ikueeeeeee( Hint: Pukachu CV is Ikue Otani. )
  • and so on.

The movie is based on an unreleased work??

Pokemon animation was going to finish in 4 years or less after starting. So, there is the unreleased final.  I guess a part of this movie is based on the plot.  (Just my guess!! I couldn’t find any information about it from the pamphlet.)

Good movie but it seems to have deep meaning.

I think you can simply enjoy it. But I cannot help thinking there is a deep and hidden message in the plot.  Well, It might be just my feeling.  I recommend to see it by your own.

"I Choose You!" Pamphlet
“I Choose You!” Pamphlet



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