Chiptune Festival!! Square Sounds Tokyo 2017!!

Square Sounds Tokyo 2017, a live concert of a music genre “Chiptune”,  is gonna be held in Koenji, Tokyo.  

What is “Chiptune”?

Like following musics.(Apparently. I haven’t known the genre until today, so I’m not sure…)


I suppose the famous musics like the following are also chiptune…

The music uses typical electric sounds. I’ve played video games using such sounds, so, I feel nostalgy.  Current video game sounds are beautiful, but sometimes, I think “Typical Game” sounds are better than present.  There is the music genre, nowadays…

What is Square Sounds Tokyo 2017?

Abstraction from the Website

The festival, brought to you by the team behind the successful Blip Tokyo events as well as CheapBeats records, continues the tradition established by the first Square Sounds held in Melbourne, Austrialia. We have a massive 2 day main event bookended by pre and post parties, showcasing an astonishing range of genres and styles all routed in the chipmusic aesthetic.


Sounds international, doesn’t it? It might be popular in Japan then other countries.

Hirokazu Tanaka who composed songs of Tetris, Dr. Mario, etc. will be on the stage!!

He will on the stage, using a name “CHIP TANAKA”.  I googled him since I like his pokemons anime songs. Then, I found Square Sounds and am writing this article(^^;; I didn’t know he composed the songs of Mother 1 & 2, Tetris, Smash Brothers, etc. until I googled. What a great composer he is!!!

Shall we join it if you like video game music?

I didn’t know the genre and even the name “Chiptune”, but the concert must be fun if you like the video game cheesy sounds (Note: Cheesy is good meaning in this case). I am deciding to go.  Square Sounds Tokyo 2017 is gonna be held on Sep 16th (Sat) and 17th (Sun). They also offer Pre-party and Post-party. 

Reference Website

Square Sounds Tokyo 2017 (English)
Square Sounds Tokyo 2017 (Japanese)

Purchase the ticket

Square Sounds Tokyo 2017 TICKETS (English)
Square Sounds Tokyo 2017 TICKETS (Japanese)


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