For Beginners of Japanese Transportation: Do You Really Need to Have an IC card for Transportation System in Japan?

In Japan,there are IC card for transportation system like Suica, Pasmo, Icoca and more. Are they really necessary for staying in Japan?
I will mention it below.





My own opinion:

I need it!!
Ya. It is very useful for me, so, I have the one. It not only to use for a bus or train.They help your shopping at many places like convenience stores, shops in station buildings and more. Even if you forget your purse, you can buy something by the card (Of course, you need to recharge before using. Otherwise, you cannot buy anything…)

Today’s topic is end!

No, I’m kidding.
I mention advantage / disadvantage of having the card as following.


1. You can use the card for shopping as well as for using a bus or train.
2. You can save transportation fee a little.
3. You can save the time for buying a ticket.


1. You need to pay the deposit.
2. You lose money when you lose the card.
3. The card is unavailable in some suburb area.

I suppose these are main advantage/disadvantage.


The card is helpful, especially for long stay in Japanese urban area!
Even if you don’t use it, it becomes a souvenir.

Obviously, it is unnecessary if you have Japanese