Souvenir of Yokohama Packed in Pikachu Package!!

I suppose you know I went to Pokemon event “Pikachu Outbreak!” last time.

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There were some temporary shops in the place, and I found souvenirs packed in Pikachu package!!

They were sold like following↓↓

Pokemon Harbour in a shop
Pokemon Harbour in a shop

So cute(´ω`)

The original is Yokohama Harbour which is a famous souvenir sweet of Yokohama. The producing company ARIAKE Co.,Ltd seems to have developed a new flavor Milk Lemon for Pokemon Harbour.

I bought the one having 8 pieces!!

Pokemon Harbour
Pokemon Harbour

There is also a pikachu under the wrapping!!

Pokemon Harbour taking off the wrapping
Pokemon Harbour taking off the wrapping

Each package is also cute.


The inside sweet is like this. Quite simple shape lol

It has sweet white bean paste and sugaring lemon inside.  The lemon makes the flavor fresh. It must match to some tea. I like it.

I cannot find the information Pokemon Harbour is seasonal or not, but it is only sold in physical stores.  The online store does not deal with it. (Note: Their online store is only available to Japan).

The company stores, all Pokemon Centers in Japan, some department stores, some souvenir shops in Yokohama, etc. have it.

My place is near from Yokohama, so, I haven’t bought Yokohama souvenir.  Honestly, I didn’t know Yokohama Harbour lol  But I will buy regular Yokohama Harbour in near future!!!

Yokohama Harbours in the shop
Yokohama Harbours in the shop

Regular flavor has chestnut paste instead of bean taste.


Yokohama Harbour WEB site (All written in Japanese)