A Famous Sweet in Asakusa! Imo Yokan from Funawa

I went to Asakusa last time.

Sensoji Temple
Sensoji Temple

I bought two types of souvenir. I introduce one of them in this article.

 Imo Yokan from Funawa (舟和の芋ようかん)

5 pieces of Imo Yokan (It has been cut already)
5 pieces of Imo Yokan (It has been cut already)

One of Asakusa famous souvenir is Imo Yokan from Funawa, a Japanese sweet shop having a history of over 100 year. Imo Yokan is a Japanese sweet mainly made of sweet potatoes (I guess it uses mushed sweet potatoes).  

I was ready to eat it plainly, but the box said baking was also nice.

Baking is nice!?

The writings on the box. It says the history of Funawa, the recommended way of eating and notes.
The writings on the box.
It says the reason why Funawa started to make Imo Yokan, the recommended way of eating, etc.

So, I baked a half of a piece.

Baked Imo Yokan
Baked Imo Yokan

It is like a cake!!! The sweetness is more consentrated than the unbaked one.

The box also says ” It becomes like a western sweet by frying it in butter.” “You can eat it as an ice cream, getting it frozen”.  I see.  Both of them sounds taste good.

Well, I didn’t know this sweet has various ways of eating.  I will buy it again and try to fry in butter or get it frozen.

By the way, both of them baked and unbaked match Japanese tea very much♪


The most of company shops are located near Asakusa because the main shop is located in Asakusa.  But there is also in Tokyo Station. Furthermore, there is  a shop selling this Imo Yokan in Haneda Airport too. 

Locator (Japanese Only)  

But please note.

The expiration is quite short.

So, please eat it quickly.


Funawa Main Shop 舟和本店 (All written in Japanese)


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