Sold in Japan ONLY!! Eye Glasses collaborated with Uta no Prince Sama!!

Note: The products introducing this article is only sold in Japan. They are not available for shipping to overseas.

Seriously!?  A Japanese eye glasses shop Zoff is selling eyeglasses collaborated with Uta no Prince Sama.

What is Uta no Prince sama?

Originally, it is a a comedy and romance visual novel. It became an anime in 2011.

The very first beginning is following.

The official video is below.

※To see niconico douga with high resolution
How to see niconico with high resolution (written in Japanese)

The video would have affected so much as many videos related to Uta no Prince Sama were posted Youtube, niconico and more (FYI: the videos are quite fun)

Anyway, Uta no Prince-Sama is one of popular animations in Japan (Maybe, in other countries too).

Such a famous animation Uta no Prince-Sama is now collaborating a Japanese eyeglasses shop.

The eyeglasses shop Zoff is now accepting the reservation of built-to-order until 12PM, Oct 2nd (Japanese time). They are going to ship in spring 2018 or later.

The Eyeglasses

11 models are available. ST☆RISH models and QUARTET NIGHT models.

(You can see further information (in Japanese) when you click the photo)

Model: Ittoki Otoya
Model: Hijirikawa Masato
Model: Shinomiya Natsuki
Model: Shinomiya Natsuki
Model: Ichinose Tokiya

Model: Jinguji Ren

来栖 翔モデル
Model: Kurusu Syo
Model: Aijima Cecil

(You can see further information (in Japanese) when you click the photo)

寿 嶺二モデル
Model: Kotobuki Renji

Model: Kurosaki Ranmaru

美風 藍モデル
Model: Mikaze Ai

Model Camus

About the using lenses 

They are fashion glasess. The lenses are clear and reduce about 94% UV.

If you need prescription lenses or other lenses, bringing the eyeglasses to a physical Zoff shop in Japan is required. (Chargeable service) 

Price list of prescription lenses (Japanese)

Price list of other fashion lenses (Japanese)


As I mention above, unfortunately, they are not available for shipping to overseas. Besides, cash on delivery only.


Zoff Website (All written in Japanese)*
*Eyeglasses collaborated with Uta no Prince-Sama isn’t available for overseas, but the other glasses are available for shipping to overseas.

Zoff×うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ IDOL PRODUCE Glasses (Written in Japanese)