Survive Winter! High-Functional & Warm Shirts You Must Buy

Japan is cold in Winter. 

I don’t know what is your image of Japanese winter, but I believe it would be  cold in some places not only for people near from the equator but also people near from a higher latitude.  Because even if the temperature is not so low,but the air is likely to get dry from the geographic reason. ( Actually,  having stayed in Vancouver, Canada located higher latitude than Tokyo, I felt it was warmer than Tokyo.)

 Anyway, Japan is cold. Unfortunately, there is a place where the temperature is colder than Tokyo in Japan too.

To survive such a cold winter, many Japanese brands are making and selling high-functional thermal shirts. So, let’s take a look the part of them!


Needless to say, a famous Japanese brand which everybody loves!!
UNIQLO is a fast fashion brand but the high-functional clothes are also the one of the attractiveness.
There is nothing more to say about the points that simple and daily use, affordable price and high functionality! The Heat Tech that very warm shirt series sold every winter is not too much to say Japanese standard product.  

I guess UNIQLO is more expensive in overseas, so I suggest to buy some Heat Tech items when you comes to Japan.

UNIQLO Official Online Store (Written in Japanese)


GUNZE is one of  Japanese fiver manufacturer.  Historically, the origin seems to have been a silk manufacturing industry.

The history is very long. It’s established since 1896 and won the gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900.

Nowadays, GUNZE is famous as underwear, tights, socks, stockings, etc.  

Their shirts are excellent.  It is longer-wearing than UNIQLO and keeps as warm as UNIQLO’s Heat Tech. The affordable price is one of the attractiveness too. 

GUNZE Store (All written in Japanese)

GUNZE store(グンゼストア)


Wacoal is a Japanese ligerie manufaturer running world widely. Needless to say, it is famous as bras and shorts for women, but its shirts are also functional.  
Unfortunately, the price is more expensive than the above two, but the quality is worthy of it.  I believe if the UNIQLO’s Heat Tech can be used for only one season, the Wacoal shirt can be used for three years.  The design as a long-sleeve T-shrits perfectly is fitting to me (I can beautifully show my decollete line) , so I love Wacoal very much.  My recommendation is Poka Taro (ぽか太郎)  from une nana cool which is one of the Wacoal group’s brand.  It is really warm.
You might only know their lingeries,but they make underwears for men too.  They offer high-functional underwears for men and women of all ages.

Wacoal Web Store (All written in Japanese)


Somthing like that.

The above brands are sold in not only the online store but also their physical shops and supermarkets too.  So, it might be good for Japanese souvenir.  Let’s survive Japanese winter with the functional shirts!!

Do you wanna buy them from overseas?

There are three solutions.

1. Buy from eBay

I found UNIQLO’s pruducts on eBay.  So, it would be helpful if you wanna buy UNIQLO.  However, GUNZE and wacoal are few. Especially, you can find bras when you search “wacoal” on eBay, but shirts are very few.

2.Buy from

In Japan, amazon is useful online shop service too. Ordinarily, was US company, so most of product is available for international shipping. However, you need to read (decode) Japanese to fill in your receiving address.

2. Buy from Japanese online shop and use a company for forwarding.

In Japan, there are some company undertaking international shipping from Japan, instead of you.  DANKEBOX is one of them.

Buy Japanese Products from Japan – Private Storage and Worldwide Shipping Service from Japan – DANKEBOX

If you are interested in DANKEBOX, the post would be helpful.

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