Day trip from Tokyo : Let’s Go to a Port Town, Misaki with Misaki Maguro Ticket!

Calm Ocean

I went to Miura city, Kanagawa prefecture, using Misaki Maguro Pass provided from Keikyu Line.

Where is Miura city?

Miura city  is located in Miura peninsula. You can visit there by Keikyu line for 80 minutes or so from Shinagawa Station. Keikyu offers  a discount ticket named Misaki Maguro Pass.

What is Misaki Maguro Pass

As I wrote above, it is a discount ticket from Keikyu line. Apparently, the ticket for visitors from overseas is different from the one for Japanese.  

The ticket for Japanese contains of Round Trip Ticket for Keikyu Lines and Unlimited Bus Ticket for One day, a Tuna Cuisine Meal Ticket, and Leisure Facility Use Tickets

On the other hand, the ticket for visitors from overseas consist of Free Ticket for all Keikyu Lines and Unlimited Ride Bus Ticket for the Designated Free Ride Area valid for two days, a Tuna Cuisine Meal Ticket, and Leisure Facility Use Tickets.

The price is also different.

Japanese version price is 3500 JPY for adult from Shinagawa.
Visitor from oversea version price is 5500 JPY for adult from any station of Keikyu Line.

If you wanna buy a Japanese version ticket, you can buy it from Keikyu’s ticket vending machine. 

If you wanna buy a visitor from overseas version, you can buy from following website. Misaki Maguro Pass


See the detail of Misaki Maguro Pass

Let’s Go for Misaki Port Area!

The available area is very wide.  Furthermore, on this October, Arasaki Park Area was newly added to ordinal area like Miura Coast and Aburatsubo where an aquarium is located.  

I decided to go to Misaki Port and Jogashima Island Area in this trip.

Head to Misakiguchi Station

Head to Keikyu Line’s final station, Misakiguchi Station.  I felt too long from Yokohama… I guess the reason is because I am not used to.  Well, I was just riding a train though. 

Then, take a bus and go for Misaki Port.

The following is the port.

Calm Ocean
Calm Ocean

I also uploaded it on my account of Instagram.

I was not able to see any ocean while riding a bus, so I was worried “Hey, there is the ocean, isn’t it?”  However, it suddenly appears in front of me when I get off the bus! “Oh, my!!”  I was very impressive.

I thought a port town is relatively rough, but Misaki port was quite calm. (Please note. A morning auction could be different)


Use Tuna Cuisine Meal Ticket, and you can eat fresh seafood!

I didn’t decide where I eat, so I dropped into a restaurant where I can use the ticket after getting off at Misaki Port, however, you should check the nearest bus stop from a restaurant in advance if you wanna eat in a specific meal since some restaurants are far from the bus stop of Misaki Port.


I use Leisure Facility Use Ticket for a sightseeing boat “Nijiiro Sakana Go(lit. Rainbow fish)”. The passengers enjoy to see fish from the bottom of the boat which have glasses. 

It was pretty nice, so let me write it in another article☆

The ticket is used for suvenir, rental cicle or Onsen instead of the boat.

Let’s Go for Jogashima Island

I didn’t have enough time, so I couldn’t visit Jogashima park and Umano Sedomon (馬の背洞門 lit. Horse Back Tunnel Gate)  which won the two stars of Michelin… Very sad, but a sunset from Jogashima Todai Park was awesome!! 

This trip is very impressive though I only visited Misaki Port and Jogashima Island area! I wanna go other areas but I also wanna come this place again!!

Beautiful Sunset and Japanese Pampas Grasses
Beautiful Sunset and Japanese Pampas Grasses
It was good to see such a beautiful sunset at the place with few people.
It was good to see such a beautiful sunset at the place with few people.

Off the Subject: I found Raccoon Dogs!

I found a lot of wild animals such as raccoon dogs.

A Raccoon Dog
A Raccoon Dog

This was my first time to see a wild raccoon!!

There is only one raccoon on the photo, but I saw total three raccoons!! Family?

I was very moved that there is a place full of nature one hour from Tokyo by a local train.


Keikyu Misaki Maguro Pass

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