Excellent Coffee Shop in Kamakura ~玄~ (Gen)

The Inside of the shop

Walking around the center of Kamakura, I found a coffee shop on a side street. It looked nice, so I decided to visit.

Gen's Sign on Wakamiya Oji
Gen’s Sign on Wakamiya Oji

So, a sign said “Open (preciccely saying”営業中”)” but nobody was there.  Oh,the sign was wrong?

I asked the owner (The words in parentheses  are actual Japanese saying).

Nao  ”Excuse me. Are you still open?”

Owner    “Yes, but I am gonna close in 1 hour.”

Nao   “Sure. I don’t stay not so long time.

Then, I came in the coffee shop.

Cake Set

I ordered cheese cake and their original coffee “Gen (玄)”.


Gen's Cake Set
Gen’s Cake Set

What a stunning dishes they are!! They made me excited(*゚▽゚)ノ!!!

Each cup seems to be different.

A lot of cups on the shelves
A lot of cups on the shelves
Each cup is different
Each cup is different

The aroma is excellent too.

So, how is the taste?


Usually, coffee leaves some acidity and bitterness on your mouth but it doesn’t. On the contrary, it leaves sweetness!!

It was very smooth. I was surprised as thinking “Hey, is it tea?” I’ve never drunk such smooth coffee. 

The cheese cake was also nice. The rich cheese matches the coffee very well.

I put some milke in the coffee, I shouldn’t have. Non-milk was much better.

They sell coffee beans of their original blended coffee “Gen”. I didn’t buy this time since I don’t know how to make good coffee, and ordinarily, I have no coffee maker. But, the coffee was truly magnificent!!

The Inside of the shop
The Inside of the shop

Thank you for letting me take photos of the inside shop, Sir!!  I very appreciate your willingly accepting!!

Gen was a cozy shop by a nice owner offering wonderful taste coffee ! 

I will come again at earlier time and stay much longer.

I strongly recommend this shop!