For Beginners of Japanese Culture: What is Goshuin?

About Goshuin (御朱印)

Sometimes, “Goshuin” appears in my posts.  Let me describe what it is.

Goshuin is… 

Goshuin is such things below↓

Goshuin is a thing written the name of a temple or a shrine and put a stamp/stamps. You can receive it from a shrine or a temple.  Almost all places provide it at 300 JPY.

Why Do I Receive?

The reason I receive because it becomes a memento.  Besides, it is fun to collect.  And, it stimulates collector’s spirit very much lol. When I recieve a goshuin from a famous temple/shrine or a rare one, I would like to boast it.

Goshuin Cho (御朱印帳)

You need Goshuin Cho which is a special notebook for receiving Goshuin.  If you don’t have, you receive nothing or a goshuin on a piece of paper. So, you need it.

Some temples/ shrines and specified shops are selling goshuin cho. Especially, the temples/ shrines sells their original goshuin cho.

You can buy from online. Goshuin cho

Rakuten Goshuin cho

This is my goshuin cho.

My Goshuin Cho
Nao’s Goshuin Cho


Ordinarily, goshuin was a proof that a person offered sutras written by hand to a temple.  So, the visitors couldn’t receive it easily as nowadays. 

Shrines also offer goshuin in present, but it is said that they started in 19th centuries.

Manner of Receiving a Goshuin

The basic thing you have to remember is goshuin is a very sacred thing.

Yes, goshuin is sacred.

Well, you recieve it from a place where a diety or a buddha stay. So, it should be sacred.

Please remember it.

If you understand it, the following must be acceptable.

  1. Visit the main shrine.
  2. Don’t force to write a goshuin when the shrine/temple is busy.
  3. Prepare a lot of changes as much as possible.

1.Visit the main shrine.

Recieving a goshuin without visiting the main shrine is completely nonsense!! It is like collect score without attending a lecture!!

As I mentioned above, ordinarily, goshuin was a proof to have offered sutras. Nowadays, we can receive a goshuin without offering them, so, we should visit the main shrine at least. Otherwise, your behavior must be rude for the sacred existences. So, let’s visit the main shrine.

2.Don’t force to write a goshuin when the shrine/temple is busy.

Monks and priests are sometimes very busy (e.g. if someone offers religious ceremony or something, they must be very busy to it). So, please ask write a goshuin when they are not so busy.

3.Prepare a lot of changes as much as possible.

Almost all places offer a goshuing at 300 JPY (it depends on shrines/temples). Returning a lot of changes is hard,especially, when the money you give is large. Taking into account of the situation of a shrine/temple, prepare a lot of changes as much as possible.

Roughly, that’s all.

I’ve recently started to collect, so, I don’t have so many. But I would like to collect it while touching Japanese history and culture.

I am very happy if this post helps you☆


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