Join a Unique Japanese Event: Pikachu Outbreak! (Pikachu Walk and Stage Show!!)

Today’s article is also Pikachu Outbreak! 

Yesterday Article:Pikachu Outbreak! (Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu) in 2017 ~Lots of Pikachu take over Minato Mirai~

You can see Pikachu’s walk and Pikachu Show during the event!

Pikachu's Walk
Pikachu’s Walk
Pikachu Show
Pikachu Show

Soooo sweet(´∀`) 

Besides, Pikachus ride on a ship and Pikachu’s airship flies (I couldn’t see them…).

Getting a spot is necessary to see Pikachu’s walk and show!!!

Seriously, getting a spot is necessary to see Pikachu well.
You would receive the view like following if you do not get a spot.


The shot is like this if you don't get a spot.
The shot becomes like this if you don’t get a spot.

In addition, I thought ” 30 minuite or less before the show is enough for getting a spot”. However, oh my, some people already lined up at the end of the previous show!!! Seriously!? 

So, I lined up too. 80 min before the next show. It was boring and I felt some emptiness.

The following photo shows 10 minutes before the show.

10 min before the show
10 min before the show

Too many people!!. So, getting a spot is necessary.(。-∀-)

Such an event “Pikachu Outbreak!” gets the final today.

If you have a chance, let’s go there!

Pikachu Outbreak! information is here
Pikachu Outbreak! (English)

You can buy Pokemon official goods after enjoying Pikachu Outbreak!(*)
Pokemon Center Yokohama (Japanese Only)
The access map (English)
* I guess the shop is very clouded, especially during the event. If you can easily visit here, I recommend to go in no event season.


The end is a souvenir of Yokohama “Ariake no Habour” Pikachu ver.

Pikachu ver. Ariake no Harbor
Pikachu ver. Ariake no Harbor

I hope the event is gonna be held next year too. I like it.