International Shipping is Available!! Pokemon Eyeglasses!!

Pokemon topic again.  I know Pokemon appears again and again.  But I like it.  

Pokemon eyeglasses are sold from Zoff, Japanese eyeglasses shop.
Zoff only sell them at online stores such as Zoff online( written in Japanese), and Rakuten.

Zoff’s Pokemon Eyeglasses

The eyeglasses are 5 types.
Pikachu, Gengar, Mewtwo, Eevee and  Charizard. I wonder why these pokemon… Why they don’t offer the first starter pokemon?
They are kind of fashion eyeglasses (not prescription eyeglasses) with blue light blocking lenses.  If you would like to know what blue light is, and what it causes, please see following link.

7 Blue Light Facts: How Blue Light Is Both Bad and Good For You

Pokemon eyeglasses reduce 40% blue light. 
Each eyeglasses are below. You can jump to the product page when you click it. (NOTE: All product pages are written in Japanese)

Pikachu(Color: Black)

Gengar (Color: Purple)

Mewtwo (Color: Blue)

Pokemon are on the side!! The casual drawing is cool. AH, finally, Pokemon becomes a part of cool fashion.

FYI, Eevee and Charizard ones are sold out as of Aug 29th, 2017. 

Eevee (Color:Brown)

Zoff PC CLEAR PACK ポケモンモデル 【イーブイ】C-1(ブラウン)【Zoff ゾフ ポケモンコラボ ぽけもん おしゃれ PCメガネ パソコン用めがね 眼鏡 茶色 ピンク 子供用 キッズ メンズ レディース 送料無料 ブルーライトカット zoff_pc】【ZA71PC1_C-1】

Charizard (Color: Pink)

Zoff PC CLEAR PACK ポケモンモデル 【リザードン】E-1(ピンク)【Zoff ゾフ ポケモンコラボ ぽけもん おしゃれ PCメガネ パソコン用めがね 眼鏡 赤 レッド 子供用 キッズ メンズ レディース 送料無料 ブルーライトカット zoff_pc】【ZA71PC1_E-1】


I gueesed Pikachu or Mewtwo eyeglasses were sold out… The shoppers are mostly ladies?

You can change to prescription lenses!!

The eyeglasses you can buy from the online store have no prescription lenses.  However, you can change the lenses at Zoff physical stores (Chargeable service. 3000 JPY or more is required).

You can check Zoff store below
店舗トップ(Zoff)(Japanese Only)

Apparently, Oversea Zoff shops are only available in China and Singapore.

Overseas Forwarding Service is available !!

Zoff Online is available for international shipping!

Further Information is below詳しくはこちら
Overseas Forwarding Service(Zoff) English




FYI: If you use online shops except Zoff Online, the following service must be helpful.

See my writing about this service if you are interested.
How Do You Get Products sold on Japanese Online Stores from Overseas?

Zoff offers eyeglasses very unique collaborations. I’ll introduce again when I find it.