For Beginners for Tokyo (Ueno): Explore around Ueno Station

In Ueno park, there are many cultural facilities such as museums, shrines, temples, etc.

 Especially, I love to go to a museum, so, Ueno equals museums in my mind lol. And this place is famous as cherry blossoms. It seems to be wonderful, but I’ve never seen cherry blossoms there as it is very clouded 😛

Ueno Park
Ueno Park

For you information,  you can see a lot of Panda goods on the streets of Ueno since Ueno Zoo in Ueno Park has giant pandas.

Panda Sweets
Panda Sweets


First of all, a hospital was going to be built at this place to develop and westernized Japan. However, a Dutch surgeon, Dr. Bauduin warned to lose nature and suggested to establish a park in stead of the hospital.

His suggestion affected Japanese government.  It issued a notification to all prefectures to apply for scheduled areas for parks. So, Dr. Bauduin is a kind of “Father of Japanese Parks”. 

I didn’t know the history until writing this article 😛

Anyway, Ueno Park is a very historic park.


A lot of tall and fresh trees are planted.  Get relax easily.

The wide streets offer you comfortable walk.

Ueno Park Landscape 1
Ueno Park Landscape 1
Ueno Park Landscape 2
Ueno Park Landscape 2

Many artists play their own music.

An Artist in Ueno Park
An Artist in Ueno Park

*NOTE: They have a lisence to perform there.  Do NOT play music without permission!!

A Starbucks Coffee.  It is not typical Starbucks, I guess. Too clouded.

Starbucks Coffee
Everybody loves (!?) Starbucks Coffee

Museums and Zoo are Monday Closing

I mentioned above Ueno Park has museums, but most of them are closing on Monday.

So, I don’t recommend to visit Ueno Park on Monday without deciding which museum you visit. Yes,  I failed. I went to Ueno Park on Monday though I roughly planed to go to a museum (I was gonna decide where I visit at the park). But,,, You know, they are closed orz

Long-established Restaurant

My plan “Let’s go to Ueno and one of museum! Then, write the article! “was over. So, I was at a loss what I do.

Then, I got an idea. “Let’s go to Seiyoken!!”

What is “Ueno Seiyoken”?

Ueno Seiyoken
Ueno Seiyoken

A historic and western restaurant in Tokyo. It established in 1876.

According to their website,  “Pioneer of spreading french cuisine in Japanese (Website is written in Japanese. Nao translated the original sentence. The original says “日本にフランス料理を伝えた草分け”).

I ordered “Panda Plate”. It was cute and delicious. 

Panda Plate
Panda Plate

To be honest, the price is a little expensive, but I believe it is worthy.

(By the way, a panda baby was born on this day.  Happy Birthday!!)


I couldn’t visit any museum though I was planning to go.  I should research before going.

I will go to next time with a concrete plan!!


Reference Website (Both of them are written in Japanese)

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Ueno Sightseeing Information Website (上野観光情報サイト 上野の歴史を知る 公園誕生)

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